Light in Weight, Not in Performance
The primary difference between DuraLite and DuraMag: Flooring Weight. Laminated hardwood flooring is heavy (5 lbs per square foot) and decreases value in many applications. Over the last decade, DuraLite’s aluminum flooring has proven to be the best solution when weight is a factor—approximately 45% lighter than the steel comparable—making it the ideal choice for all non-fork truck applications.

While the DuraLite is most popular in Class 2, 3 & 4 truck chassis (10’-18’ models), it’s imperative for Class 2 vehicles—Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster and Mercedes Sprinter. In these low GVW trucks, heavy hardwood flooring or heavy steel bodies consume most of the available GVW. Additionally, it’s hard on the truck and hard on profits to carry all that weight.

Strong, lightweight aluminum bodies save on fuel, wasted time at DOT weigh stations and vehicle wear and tear. They’re engineered to be super strong yet light enough to deliver the highest payload in the market.

DuraLite offers all the options that you’ll need: E-track, cargo restraint, D-Rings, rear door options, walk ramps, side doors, cargo racks, and more

Standard Features

  • Aluminum Box Tube Construction
  • Heavy Duty Long Sills – 2” x 4” Aluminum Box Tube
  • Cross Members 2” x 3” Aluminum Box Tube (16” OC 10’-16’) (12” OC 18’)
  • Long Sill Gussets Every 4’ (Starting Front to Back)
  • Box Tube Perimeter Frame 2” x 4” Aluminum
  • 6000 Series Extruded Aluminum Flooring – Tongue and Groove
  • Cage Frame – 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” Aluminum Box Tube
  • Anti-Snag Crowned Roof Bows 1” x 1 1/2” – 16” OC
  • Aluminum Cast Roof Corners
  • Aluminum Radius Vertical Front Corners and Front Roof for Aerodynamics
  • Heavy Duty Rear Door Frame – 2” x 5” Aluminum Box Tube
  • Smooth, Bonded (Rivetless) .040” Exterior Skins White Aluminum (Standard)
  • One-Piece .032” Aluminum Crowned Roof
  • Premium Composite Roll-Up Door with Stainless Fasteners
  • 100% LED Lights – Wired Inside Box Tube
  • LED Clearance and Marker Lights
  • LED Interior Dome Light – Wired to One Switch
  • 1/2″ AC Plywood Interior Side Walls – 1/2″ AC on Front Wall
  • DOT ICC Bumper
  • 2 Grab Handles on Rear Frame
  • Aluminum Extruded Drop Rail (All Doors)
  • Premium Color Matched, Rolled Front Roof Radius
  • Made in the USA


Van Body Options


Lift Gate

Full Step Bumper – Grip Strut

ICC Bumper

Chicago Style Bumper

Step Bumper with Receiver

4k SS Recessed D-Ring

Pull-out Walk Ramp - Recessed

Walk Ramp

Translucent Roof

Apitong Slats

Apitong Scuff (Also available in Diamond Plate and HDPE)

Roof Ladder Racks

Side Access Door

Step Wall – 2 Step

Stirrup Step

Fold Down Steps

Swing (Barn) Doors

Under Body Tool Box

Cab-Over Attic

.040” Sheet Interior

Side Overhead Door (Closed)

Side Overhead Door (Open)

Rub Rail

Custom Shelving

Wall Vents

Roll-Up Side Door

Pipe Door

Rubber Bumpers

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