Service Body Options:

  • Light Packages:
    Package 1: Round STT—Backup in Rear Panel—Slim Line
    Package 2: Oval STT—Backup Lights in Bumper—Rubber Mounted
  • Powder Coated Non-Skid Bumper with Tapered Corners—Recessed with Full Step
  • Vice Socket on Bumper
  • Service Body Headache Rack
  • Cantilever Rack Systems
  • Custom Racking Options
  • Roll-Up Utility Bed Cover
  • LED Strip Lights in Compartments—Activated by Door Opening
  • Additional Compartment Shelving
  • Key Fob—All Door Electronic Locking System
  • CTECH Aluminum Tool Drawers

Designed Around Safety:

  • DuraMag® leads the way in the highest quality, safest design for service bodies.
  • The DuraMag® RU series features an all-aluminum body with 6 roll up/shutter style doors that are customarily seen on high-end fire vehicles. Additional Details »
  • Roll up doors allow the user to work in a safer position without walking around swing-out doors extended into the street or walkway.
  • No carrying tools out and around swinging doors.


  • Safety Doors: Recognized as safer than swing-out doors by fire/rescue industry
  • No Rust Aluminum
  • Strong yet Light weight
  • Approximately 40% less than the weight of steel
  • Reduced wear and tear on the truck
  • Real savings on fuel
  • Higher payloads
  • Superior Door system over old-fashioned swing-out doors
  • Environmentally Responsible (Clean, recycled, lightweight aluminum. Lower fuel consumption in vehicle)
  • Frequently moved to the second truck (not the case with steel)
  • DuraMag® sandblasts for maximum powder coat adhesion. This process is more labor intensive than a liquid bath but assures maximum finish life.
  • Fully welded construction—No bolts or rivets to loosen and fall out.
  • Fully welded heavy plate fender skirt to resist side denting.
  • An investment that adds value at trade-in.


  • A DuraMag® body is built to last.
  • DuraMag® Service Bodies are built from heavy wall-extruded aluminum.
  • Unlike the competition, DuraMag® floors are a heavy, interlocking extrusion, not sheet.
  • A DuraMag® body is made to last the life of the truck—or more.
  • Roll up doors are engineered for weather resistance and security.

Fast Installation—Custom Design:

  • Easy Fast Installation.
  • DuraMag® service bodies designed for pickup deletes are custom fit for fast installation on all current models, bolt directly to the factory body mounts.
  • DuraMag® service bodies are built to fit the actual length of the truck. This means 6” more usable body than most of the competition.

Environmental Responsibility—Commitment to Green:

  • F3’s commitment to environmental responsibility is strong.
  • Like all DuraMag® aluminum bodies, the service body line includes a high percentage of recycled aluminum that’s environmentally friendly to process.
  • No VOCs or liquid environmental waste in our coating process.


Interior sidewalls and tops (and optional front splash guards) are 1/8” aluminum tread plate.

DuraMag® Fender Flares are continuously welded from ¼” Flat Bar to reduce side body impact damage.

Premium Roll up/Shutter Doors add increased safety and function to your body. Technicians no longer need to work around swing-doors extended into the road or the walkway. Weather resistant and secure.

DuraMag® Slam Latch Tailgates are functional, smooth operating, and heavy duty.

Both Verticals and Horizontals have adjustable shelving brackets.

DuraMag® offers two lighting packages: (1) Ultra-Thin 5.5” Round Surface Mount, STT/Backup. State-of-the-art appearance. (2) Traditional 6” oval rubber mounted STT and Backup Lights mounted in the bumper.

DuraMag® Service Bodies are all hand sandblasted to ensure the best adhesion possible. Washing with chemicals is faster, but not as effective for giving the powder coating something to grip onto.

Optional Headache Rack.