At DuraMag, we’re proud to offer all-aluminum Truck and Van Body products to our customers. We’ve been saying for years that aluminum truck products last longer than their steel counterparts, and often cost the same or sometimes less. Furthermore, aluminum can reduce costs in several areas across a business; from gas savings to lower maintenance requirements.

A Market Shift:

According to Pete Reyes, chief engineer for the 2015 Ford F-150, “If you can use technology and materials to take weight out of (a) vehicle, you’ll always end up with the best solution.” Ford made headlines when they introduced a major shift in the way they manufacture their signature Ford F-150; they used an aluminum truck body instead of a steel one and managed to cut 700 pounds from the truck.

Per, “No matter how many different ways the Ford research group in charge of rethinking the F-150 pickup looked at improving its fuel economy, it was always the same answer that popped up… The main goal in developing the new full-size pickup… was to increase efficiency without compromising capability. Alternative powertrains were considered, so was downsizing. But it always came back to the weight,” Reyes says “—the less of it, the better.” Read the entire article here »

Business owners are coming to recognize that there is a huge opportunity for cost savings by switching from steel to aluminum; lighter vehicles means less gas consumption and the opportunity to haul heavier payload. According to, “When applied to an optimized automotive body structure, aluminum can provide a weight savings of up to 50 percent compared with the traditional mild steel structure. aluminum body structures are equal or superior in strength to steel and absorb twice as much crash-induced energy.”

Better yet? When aluminum bodies need to be fixed, they’re actually easier to repair than steel because they’re significantly easier to cut. Furthermore, steel will often have paint on it that has to be removed prior to welding which adds additional repair hours.

Watch This Amazing Destruction Video!

The Proof You’ve Been Asking For…The REAL dirt on Aluminum v Steel

Our History:

In 2009, F3 MFG Inc. established itself in the aluminum truck body and truck accessories market. We saw the opportunity to participate in the transition from steel to aluminum. Our experience in the aluminum trailer industry suggested that we could help truck body buyers understand the value of shifting to aluminum. In fact, we drove the market change for aluminum trailers in the recreational trailer business by creating a new way to develop and market aluminum trailers at steel prices. Our team created one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum recreational trailers in North America.

We’re confident we will continue to shape the truck bodies industry by showing consumers that aluminum bodies mean better gas mileage, less maintenance on rust repair and repaint, reduced wear and tear on your trucks, and higher payloads among many other benefits. Above all, aluminum bodies make your company look good. Image is important and aluminum bodies provide that professional look for your company.

Reviewing the Benefits:

Reduce Up-front Costs

Aluminum bodies don’t have to cost more. DuraMag truck and van bodies are priced competitively or lower than our steel competitors.

Heavier Payloads Means Less Miles Driven

Because our bodies are up to 40% lighter than steel, our customers are able to haul more in less number of trips. This savings is a “labor, plus fuel, plus operational cost per mile,” equation. Factor in the significant gas savings due to the lighter truck or van, and there is simply no comparison between aluminum vs. steel.

Higher Truck Resale Value

Simply put, an aluminum body lasts longer than a steel body. Steel bodies often last for the span of one company truck, whereas an aluminum body won’t deteriorate and can therefore be moved to a second truck when the initial truck wears out. At trade-in time, if you decide to leave your aluminum body on, you’ll get paid for it. That’s not generally the case for steel bodies. In fact, they generally deduct value from your trade-in if it’s rusted and must be removed and disposed of.

Below are some additional benefits for your company and staff to consider:
  • Aluminum bodies are typically a more comfortable ride for drivers
  • Aluminum has increased corrosion resistance
  • They’re more environmentally friendly as they produce fewer greenhouse gases than other metals