Truck Bodies: Strength and Innovation on the Job

Truck body manufacturers are moving toward efficient, lightweight designs. From pickup trucks and automobiles, to truck equipment and van bodies, DuraMag offers you the advantages of lightweight, all-aluminum design—for natural strength, fuel economy, and corrosion resistance.

Business owners in a variety of industries have realized the numerous benefits of aluminum, including cost savings on fuel and manpower to less time spent on maintaining work vehicles annually. Transitioning to lighter truck bodies means more than simply saving on operational costs; it also means sustainability for the work truck industry.

At DuraMag, we believe in the quality and durability of our truck bodies. We offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry. While it’s always our goal to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your product, if the unexpected arises and something goes wrong, we have you covered. Read our Aluminum Truck Body Five Year Limited Warranty here

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Need additional convincing on the toughness of our truck beds?
Check out the video below that shows how our aluminum bodies stand up to different materials:

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Aluminum vs. Steel: Choosing the Right Material for Your Fleet

Written by Cal Kanowitz, Marion Body Works

With a strong economy comes a crucial opportunity for fleet managers: upgrading vehicles. A key consideration during this process is the materials being used for the bodies and cabs of those vehicles. In the work truck world, those materials primarily include aluminum and steel.

The weight of a truck can greatly affect its overall performance. At 2.5 times the density of aluminum, steel is strong and durable, making it efficient at protecting the driver. However, its additional weight means less maneuverability.