What makes DuraMag® a Premium Flatbed and stand out in a crowded market?

Experience, Performance, and Value


DuraMag® only builds aluminum bodies. We don’t build a few aluminum bodies as a secondary line. We’ve been building thousands of our aluminum Flatbed Bodies for over a decade with a proven design.


7 Advantages of DuraMag® Aluminum Flatbed Bodies

  1. – Super strong with lighter weight
  2. – Higher payload capacity
  3. – Lower fuel consumption
  4. – Less chassis wear and tear
  5. – A better ride
  6. – No rust
  7. – More environmentally-friendly manufacturing process

DuraMag® Flatbed Bodies can be fully customized.
Give us a call to get more details about how we can build a body that meets your specific needs.


Truck Resale: Your DuraMag® bed not only saves you money along the way, it generally increases the value of your truck at the time of sale. Rusted bodies are a liability.

Best Warranty: Great value that’s backed up with the best warranty in the industry.