What makes DuraMag® a Premium Flatbed and stand out in a crowded market?

Experience, Performance, and Value


DuraMag® only builds aluminum bodies. We don’t build a few aluminum bodies as a secondary line. We’ve been building thousands of our aluminum Flatbed Bodies for over a decade with a proven design.


7 Ways That DuraMag® Aluminum Flatbed Bodies Outperform Steel:

  1. Super strong with lighter weight
  2. Higher payload capacity
  3. Lower fuel consumption
  4. Less chassis wear and tear
  5. A better ride
  6. No rust
  7. More environmentally-friendly manufacturing process

DuraMag® Flatbed Bodies can be fully customized.
Give us a call to get more details about how we can build a body that meets your specific needs.


Truck Resale: Your DuraMag® bed not only saves you money along the way, it generally increases the value of your truck at the time of sale. Rusted bodies are a liability.

Value: DuraMag® are competitive with, and in many cases no more expensive than, steel beds. For all the value added—and for all the cost and risk associated with the steel options—it makes the decision easy.

Best Warranty: Great value that’s backed up with the best warranty in the industry.

Bottom Line: DuraMag® builds the bodies that save you money AND make you look good.