Transform Your Fleet with DuraMag Aluminum Service Truck Bodies 

In today’s dynamic work environment, professionals across industries — from contractors and craftsmen to welders and landscapers — require more than just reliable transportation; they need a mobile workspace that can keep up with the demands of their rigorous jobs. DuraMag understands this necessity and rises to the occasion with our premier line of aluminum service truck bodies, designed to deliver unmatched durability, efficiency, and organization on the go. 

At DuraMag, we specialize in creating high-quality aluminum service truck bodies that cater to the unique needs of various professionals. Our innovative designs are tailored to maximize storage, ease of access, and on-site functionality, ensuring that every tool and piece of equipment is right where you need it, when you need it. Whether you’re on a construction site, moving between landscaping projects, or out in the field on a service call, our truck bodies are built to serve as your dependable partner.


Why DuraMag?

Why choose DuraMag’s aluminum service truck bodies? The answer lies in the superior benefits of aluminum — a material that not only significantly reduces vehicle weight for better fuel efficiency but also resists corrosion, extending the lifespan of your investment. This means less time and money spent on maintenance and more time focusing on the job at hand. 

Our comprehensive range includes configurations suited for every trade: 

  • Contractor Bodies: Equipped with secure, spacious compartments and customizable shelving options to keep your tools and materials organized and accessible. 
  • Utility Bodies: Ideal for electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals, featuring specialized compartments and racks for equipment and parts
  • Landscape Bodies: Designed with durability and versatility in mind, perfect for transporting equipment, plants, and materials across job sites. 
  • Welding Bodies: Built to support the unique needs of welders, with safe, accessible storage for tanks, tools, and supplies. 


Service Truck Features

  • All Aluminum Bodies – No Rust 
  • Lightweight – Up to 50% Less than Steel 
  • Reduced Truck Wear and Tear due to Aluminum Weight versus Steel 
  • Increased Payload – GVW isn’t consumed with higher steel weight 
  • Recycled, lightweight aluminum leads to lower fuel consumption in vehicle 
  • Frequently moved to a second vehicle 
  • Fully Welded Construction – No bolts or rivets to loosen and fall out 
  • Compartment Door Options – Traditional Swing or Premium Roll-Up Doors 
  • Powder Coat Finish – A more durable and long lasting finish than paint 
  • Shelving with Compartment Divider 

At DuraMag, we’re committed to providing you with aluminum service truck bodies that not only meet but exceed your professional needs. Our team is dedicated to innovative design and quality craftsmanship, ensuring that every DuraMag truck body stands up to the challenges of your workday. 

Elevate your fleet with DuraMag and experience the difference that quality, durability, and efficiency can make. Explore our full range of aluminum service truck bodies and discover how we can help you achieve greater productivity and professional success. 

duramag s-series service body