At DuraMag®, we’re truck people. We know that cookie cutter doesn’t always work for every application, so we’ve created a dedicated Custom Line.

The upside is that we can build just about anything you can imagine.

The downside is that Custom builds have extended lead times. Custom jobs are unpredictable in complexity so delivery times can run as much as twice the standard delivery.

Our craftsmen fabricators are just that: craftsmen. You will love what they do. If you can live with a little longer build time, a custom body will often improve your work flow and productivity.

You tell us your requirements. We will design a body to meet your needs. It starts with a conversation and ends with a product that optimizes your income.

If you’d like a custom body, call the factory (207-660-4700). We can design whatever you can imagine – and then set you up with a dealer in your area for delivery and installation.