The DuraMag® All-Aluminum Anti-Rattle Stake Body adds Flexibility to your Fleet.
Within minutes, your stake body becomes a flatbed for those loads where rack sides are inconvenient. Hauling loose material that might go through the boards on the side? Check out our ventilated Flex Rack option.

We know how annoying a rattling stake body can be. So we created a stake body that is virtually silent with the use of vibration reduction rubber grommets and high-density polyethylene anti-chafe plates. DuraMag’s proprietary “spring loaded lever system” assures that your rack posts always stay tight and in position so they don’t rattle.

Whatever your industry, the DuraMag Anti-Rattle Stake Body will outperform competitive options. Period.

Easy to Remove
DuraMag® rack sides are all built in sections that one person can easily lift off and on. The sections are joined together with stainless steel spring pins. Unpin, squeeze the spring-loaded lever, and lift the rack section out.

Standard Features

  • Square Headboard with Expanded Metal Window
  • All Aluminum Rack Sections with Stainless Steel Locking Spring Pin
  • Anti-Rattle HDPE Shims with Stainless Rivets on all Stakes
  • Proprietary Spring-loaded Release Lever—No Fail
  • HDPE Body Blocks that Protect Against Rack Abrasion
  • Anti-Rattle Rubber Bumpers
  • HD Version includes 1” x 1” Perimeter Tube Frame around all Rack Sections
  • Available on any body where stake body sides apply

Flatbed Options

30” or 40” Rack Body System

Flex Rack System

Hoists on Flatbeds

Inboard Stake Pockets

Lighted Headboard

Powder Coating Color Options

4k SS Recessed D-Ring

PT Flooring

Extruded Aluminum Tarp Cover

Toolboxes: Underbody and Topside

HD Sub Structure

Under Body Tie Rail

16” Sideboards (Shown with Optional Black Powder Coating and Strobe Lights)

Cantilever Rack with PT Flooring

6” Oval Stop/Tail/Turn, Backup & Strobe Light

Cantilever Rack with Aluminum Floor

Cast Aluminum License Plate Holder

Rumber Flooring (Rubber Composite)

Diamond Plate Rear Apron

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