DuraMag is proud to be a Made in the USA company, and even prouder to be based in the hardworking state of Maine. We might not have the fanciest looking factory, but what our 85,000 sq’ facility located in Waterville does have, is state of the art equipment and some of the most creative and forward-thinking minds in the truck accessories industry, behind its doors. One thing is for sure: from this factory, DuraMag builds the best quality, durable aluminum truck equipment in the country.

We came onto the truck bodies and accessories scene in 2009, after making a big impact in the recreational trailers industry. Our experience in the aluminum trailer market suggested that we could help truck body buyers understand the value of shifting to aluminum, and away from bulky steel bodies. In fact, we drove a market shift in the recreational trailers business by creating a new way to develop and market aluminum trailers at steel prices.

Our parent company, F3 MFG, has a highly knowledgeable ownership team, whose collective manufacturing experience totals more than 85 years. DuraMag’s team studied the competition in the aluminum truck bodies industry and saw a major need to better design solutions that hard-working businesses need. We specialize in delivering customers exactly what they need to be successful in their business, from concept to design to creation. We take pride in knowing we deliver a durable, cost effective truck body that gets the job done for our customers.


A Market Shift

When comparing outdated steel bodies that have dominated the truck body industry for so long, to today’s long-lasting, cost-effective aluminum bodies, there’s simply no comparison. Business owners in a variety of industries have realized the numerous benefits to switching from steel to aluminum, including major cost savings on fuel and manpower to less time spent on maintaining work vehicles annually. At DuraMag, we’re excited to be a part of this revolution. Transitioning to lighter truck bodies means more than simply saving on operational costs; it also means less greenhouse gases, and sustainability for the work truck industry.

Ford Motor Company has played a major part in the shift to aluminum truck beds. According to Pete Reyes, chief engineer for the 2015 Ford F-150, “If you can use technology and materials to take weight out of (a) vehicle, you’ll always end up with the best solution.” Ford made headlines when they introduced a major shift in the way they manufacture their signature Ford F-150; they used an aluminum truck body instead of a steel one and managed to cut 700 pounds from the truck (Forbes.com).

Per Forbes.com, “No matter how many different ways the Ford research group in charge of rethinking the F-150 pickup looked at improving its fuel economy, it was always the same answer that popped up… The main goal in developing the new full-size pickup… was to increase efficiency without compromising capability. Alternative powertrains were considered, so was downsizing. But it always came back to the weight,” Reyes says “—the less of it, the better.” Read the entire Forbes.com article here »

At DuraMag, we believe in the quality and durability of our truck bodies so much so that we offer the strongest warranty in the industry. The average industry warranty is 1-3 years, and many manufacturers offer a limited One Year warranty. We think that’s simply unacceptable. While it’s always our goal to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your product, if the unexpected arises and something goes wrong, we have you covered. Read our Aluminum Truck Body Five Year Limited Warranty here »

Need additional convincing on the toughness of our truck beds? Check out our durability experiment at the video below:

We urge you to learn the facts before you invest in another costly steel truck bed or body. There’s simply no evidence that a steel body is the better choice for your business. Our team would be more than happy to discuss the aluminum difference with you, at any time. Contact us today to learn more »